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Why We Should Upgrade to HD IP Cameras?


As is known to all, CCTV cameras can't deliver megapixel image quality to meet most applications demands,don't be fooled by high resolution CCTV Cameras, even at the highest resolution available for CCTV camera, a rapidly moving object will appear blurry. However Megapixel IP cameras can deliver more details in the same field of view.



HD IP cameras can capture and transmit high-quality video images over any IP network or the Internet, where the footage can be viewed remotely using a computer,mobile phones or other handheld devices. Additionally, the recorded surveillance footage can be stored at remote locations.



Existing network infrastructure (CAT5 or WiFi) could be used for the IP-based installation. For large scale surveillance projects, the costs of CCTV system installation increase dramatically. Think of office buildings, corporate campuses, military bases, the cost savings of IP-based system will be dramatic. And there is no geographical limitation for the IP video installation.



There is no need to buy and install additional video capture boards for the NVR system in the event you want to add a camera or increase performance of the system. Expanding a network surveillance system is as simple as connecting additional IP cameras to the IP network.




Combined with Power over Ethernet (PoE), IP surveillance devices offer unique opportunities to eliminate the cost and time associated with AC outlet installations while providing the flexibility, scalability of device placement and cost-effective deployment.



What's more, the growing adoption of IP surveillance technologies also is driving the price of devices declining.



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