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4G/3G Solar panel 20X ZOOM ptz camera
200W Solar panel

4G/3G 20X ptz Camera

4G/3G outdoor 1080P FULL HD 2 Megapixel , 20X Zoom, 12x night Zoom IR PTZ dome video streaming camera

4G/3G SONY 1080P FULL HD  20X  Optical zooming ,12x digital zooming night vision high speed dome camera

4G/3G outdoor PTZ dome video streaming camera used for remote surveillance solutions and streaming realtime video when there is not WLAN or ethernet network connection available in outside buildings. The camera will take snapshot pictures at intervals and send back over a wireless HSPA/UMTS 3G connection via FTP, MMS, SMS or email to a smartphone or connected PC. 


4G/3G Specification:

Working frequency band








GSM/GPRS/EDGE Quad Band 850/900/1800/1900

1. Using H.264 video and G.711/G.726 audio compression technologies;
 2.  Support 4G/3G Mobile network WCDMA or CDMA EVDO;
3.  1080P 2Megapixel 1920*1080P; 
4.  Support Pan/tilt: 360°/90°, 0.1-200°/s (Pan controlled), 200°/s (Pan preset speed); 0.1-90°/s (Tilt controlled), 90°/s (Tilt preset speed).  22 times Optical zooming 
5.  Support 4 patrols, 128 preset points; 
6.  Support IR night vision 120meters;
7.  Video image stable and without shaking when rotating in high speed; 
8.  Support two-way voice monitoring, one-way voice broadcasting and two-way talkback; 
9.  Support comprehensive video recording mode (complete video recording, programming video recording, sensor video recording, dynamic detection video recording, emergency manual video recording, alarm video recording, etc.);
10. Can download the video files and playback them remotely through the network;
11. Support Motion detection, LOS (lose of signal) alarm, video blocking alarm, disconnection alarm and network linkage alarm (optional);
12. Support local wireless remote control to arm and disarm;
13. Support heartbeat function to keep the device work regularly and steady;
14. Support OSD overlay and watermark technology;
15. Support multi-level user management function and user name, password encryption function;

16. Built-in programmable system module to support butt joint with various large monitoring platforms