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8CH Wireless camera system
8pcs camera +1pcs NVR

With camera power 8PCS

WiFi NVR Kit Specification

Products Introduction

The products is designed for wireless network monitoring and recording. LINUX system ensures stable operation. It support wireless network video input, 1.3MP (max) for real time viewing, video coding and playback. H.264 video compression rate ensures better picture quality, low bite rate for realtime checking and recording.

The products has high stability and reliability. It can work interdependently or work in large security system with professional network video monitoring platform, the function for remote monitoring and network combination can work well. Based on the latest wifi network technology, without complicated cable arranging, just with easy installation and operation, it can widely used for home, shops, office, villa,etc.


Ø One-step remote monitoring can be worked well based on cloud service, simple operation steps ensures plug and play.

Ø Embedded wifi module, support 802.11b/g/n protocol, 150Mbps ensures short time delay for 4/8ch 1.3MP input.

Ø IP Camera auto connecting based on wireless technology, simple installation without IP cable arranging.

Ø Plug and play, picture shows automatically when power turned on.

Ø Professional security wifi module with strong signal penetration ability, max distance can reach to 400M.

Ø Support remote monitoring for phone(iPhone,Android), PAD, PC.

Ø Support video viewing, playback, backup.

Ø USB multiplexing technology support USB mouse, backup, upgrading.

Ø Support VGA and HDMI output simultaneously, HDMI for 2.0MP max.

Ø Strong network service(DHCP, PPPOE, DNS, NTP, UPNP, IP search), complete support (WEB, SDK), customized service can support.

Ø Unique watch dog function ensures circuit protection.

Products Advantage

Plug and play, picture show automatically when power turned on.

Professional wifi signal transmission based on auto code rate adjustment ensures stable running without video miss.

Mixed usage for wireless and cable installation, 400M transmission distance in open field. Cable installation can be used for longer range.

Repeater function can be used for multiple, complicated environment to extend transmission distance.

Full HD IP camera with clear picture output, make sure there is no blind corner.

Water proof case with multiple placement to meet various installation placement.

Danale app based on phone, PAD and PC, easy access for remote monitoring.

Support 3M power cable for camera, easy to connect to power supply.

Support 4T for 1HDD, 4ch full HD picture recording and playback.